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A natural solution
for regular digestion.

Donat is a totally natural solution for regular digestion.
Take care of your digestion, take care of yourself.



  • 100% made by Nature. 500mg Magnesium in 0,5 liter. Clinically tested and certified, first analysis was done 400 years ago. 1000 years old source. Trusted since 1908

  • By Drinking 0.5L fulfills daily Magnesium RDA naturally. Helps against tiredness, Muscle cramps, Fatigue, Headache, Stress

  • Natural Magnesium Water. Stimulates Colon. Intestinal Cleanser. Absorbs Much better and faster than Pills

  • Naturally cure from Heartburn, Constipation, Magnesium deficiency. An excellent natural

  • colon cleanser

  • Naturally Sparkling. Best form to consume magnesium and a great natural recovery drink.

  • BPA FREE - PET 0,5 - Recyclable bottles

Coffee Cupsy Capsule

A Range To Satisfy Every Tastes
CUPSY Arabica.jpg
Cupsy Arabica
CUPSY Aroma.jpg
Cupsy Aroma
CUPSY Crema.jpg
Cupsy Crema
CUPSY Dekaffe.jpg
Cupsy Dekaffe
CUPSY Ginseng.jpg
Cupsy Ginseng
CUPSY Orzo.jpg
Cupsy Orzo
Cupsy Te Limone
Instant Vitamin powder for preparing fresh drinks at home
Functional Drinks Vitamin Well
Coffee capsules for Nespresso – SORINA
2020-01-31 (1).png
2020-01-31 (2).png


Why Choose
Coffee Cupsy

Ideal quantity

Each Each Cupsy capsule contains 6,5 grams of pure ground coffee, the ideal quantity for a perfect coffee.

Multi-beverage system

Thanks to our capsule system, just a simple touch is all it takes to make a perfect espresso or a delicious hot beverage in a few seconds.

One Touch cappuccino

With a single touch of a button, in just a few seconds you can enjoy a delicious cappuccino or a delicately soft and foamy latte macchiato.

Easy to use

Easy and intuitive to use, it’s simple to choose your favourite beverage in one touch.

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