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Aluminium Coffee Pods 50caps– 100%Natural INTENSO for Nespresso coffee machines

Aluminium Coffee Pods 50caps– 100%Natural INTENSO for Nespresso coffee machines


⭐ SORINA Aluminium Nespresso Coffee Pods – Reusable INTENSO Nespresso Capsules with Spices & Licorice Notes (50 Capsules)

> Nothing is better than starting your day with a cup of a great coffee and that is why our brand “SORINA” is committed to deliver the best coffee pods for Nespresso machines.

✅ Enjoy Professional Quality Espresso at Home:

🔸 Baristas are trained coffee makers and they make correct blend of coffee by preparing exactly 7.0 grams for 1 cup. They press the coffee beans strongly to brew exactly 25-30 mL for 25-30 seconds for a great cup of Espresso.
🔸 By using SORINA Nespresso coffee capsules, you can prepare and enjoy top notch Espresso at your home just like a professional Barista. Just put the capsule in your Nespresso Coffee Machine, press the button and your coffee will be ready in 30 seconds.

✅ Special Features of SORINA:

🔸 Reusable Aluminium Capsules – Unlike most of the brands, our coffee pods are 100% reusable as they are made of Aluminium. After using the capsule, you can refill it again with your favorite coffee blend, put the foil on it and you can use it again in your Nespresso coffee machine.
🔸 Made in Italy – SORINA Aluminium Coffee Capsules are exclusively made in Italy which is famous for its high quality coffee worldwide.
🔸 High Quality Coffee Beans – Only the high-quality coffee beans are used in our coffee blends supplied directly from farmers around the world. We carefully handpick the finest coffee beans to prepare top notch and resusable Nespresso pods.

  • Key Features

    • ☕ SAVOUR THE FLAVOUR - Main characteristic of INTENSO coffee pods is the perfect balance of sensations, where the refined toasting system perfectly adapted to the African and Indian coffees, gives off the scents of spices and licorice.
    • ⚡ HEALTHY, PURE & TASTEFUL- Give a smash hit to your day with high quality SORINA Nespresso compatible capsules. We care for your lively routine in these hectic rhythms. Our excellent flavored coffee pods give you a healthy, pure, and tasteful espresso coffee with bold taste and great crema. It is made without any preservatives and naturally gluten-free with no sugar added.
    • 👉 QUALITY & CONSISTENCY - Your satisfaction is our top most priority. We have cracked the science behind the quality and consistency of a great quality coffee blend. Unlike others, we carefully prepare Nespresso coffee capsules in small batches. Small batch processing of finest coffee beans ensures quality & consistency with a peerless taste in every cup you prepare.
    • ⭐ NESPRESSO-FRIENDLY – SORINA coffee capsules are designed for maximum performance with Nespresso OriginalLine machines only. Our coffee pods are NOT compatible with VertuoLine Nespresso Machines.
    • 🌀 MADE IN ITALY - Our Nespresso compatible pods are processed and packaged in Italy. We select premium quality coffee beans which are grounded to a make fine coffee powder and carefully packed in 100% oxygen tight capsules ensuring your coffee tastes as fresh as the day it was roasted and packed in Italy.
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