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Cupsy Capsule

Coffee Cupsy

Cupsy Capsule

A Range To Satisfy Every Tastes

Blend of 100% Arabica coffee from Latin American and Central Africa. It is presented as an espresso rich in fruity and floral aromas, with a balanced sweet and acid flavor, perfect at any time of the day thanks to its light temperament.

CUPSY Arabica.jpg
CUPSY Aroma.jpg

The combination of the strong decisive taste of
Indian Robusta with the soft velvety aroma of the finest Arabica from central and southern America gives an espresso with a persistent bitter flavor, with hints of dark cocoa and hazelnut, perfect for waking up in the morning.

CUPSY Crema.jpg

A lively espresso with the intense aroma of South
American Arabica with a touch of Indian Robustathat makes its flavor round and pleasantly toasted.It is smooth on the palate and creamy in the cup, with hints of caramel and almond, recommended especially after meals on account of its medium intensity.

CUPSY Ginseng.jpg

Flavoursome beverage using Ginseng, a root with invigorating and energy-boosting properties..


The flavour of black tea meets aromatic lemon, for a delicate and refreshing beverage.

CUPSY Dekaffe.jpg

Decaffeinated espresso resulting from the combination of the sweet citrus-like flavor of Brazilian Arabica with the intense aroma of Indian Robusta that gives it body and a dense texture. With its low caffeine content, never more than 0,1%, it is the ideal companion for a coffee break at any time of the day.

CUPSY Orzo.jpg

Soluble barley with a mellow and subtle aroma, an excellent natural aid to digestion.

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